Heading East – Day 2

Today was the second day of our trip east. We started in Ellensburg, Washington and ended up at Bozeman, Montana. In between we spent some time at various rest stops, ate some Thai food that we didn’t like much in Spokane, stopped at Starbucks twice, ate Arby’s for dinner (In the car. While driving.), and saw some really beautiful scenery through dead-bug-ridden windows.

Since we were super stiff yesterday from spending too much time in the car without any stops for stretching, we resolved to stop more frequently and stretch our legs. In the morning we did this by stopping at the rest stops that we encountered along the way. Here is Ou during our first rest stop stop:



For lunch we wanted to get Thai food and we were passing through Spokane at lunch time so we looked up the top rated Thai restaurants in Spokane on Yelp and found that one of the three four-star-rated ones was less than a mile away. So we decided to have lunch there.

Lunch was underwhelming. We are real Thai food aficionados so our standards are high. This restaurant just didn’t cut it. We had four items: Tod Mun appetizer, Pad Ped Squid, Lad Nar Talay, and Thai iced coffee. The appetizer was the only thing that met with our approval. The Pad Ped Squid was OK but really more like curry than Pad Ped. The Thai iced coffee was way too sweet to be enjoyable and the Lad Nar Talay was way too salty to be enjoyable. If this was one of the top three Thai restaurants in Spokane then we don’t think Thai is a strong point of the restaurant scene in Spokane.

As we drove along after lunch Ou was feeling sleepy so we decided to look for a Starbucks. We found one on the map but when we got there we discovered it was inside a Fred Meyer. Probably not the best indicator of a good Starbucks. We both got caramel frappachinos and they really weren’t that great as well. Food and drink wise, the day wasn’t going so well.

After we got coffee we realized that we had to get going fast if we wanted to get to Bozeman at a reasonable hour so we started driving straight through without stopping as we did in the morning. At dinner time, we stopped outside of Missoula and got Arby’s and Starbucks (this time from a real Starbucks store) and consumed them while driving. A little messy but not too bad. And the coffee was much better this time.

Finally we rolled in to our hotel around 9:30pm. We would have made it sooner but there were many work zones on the way where we had to slow down considerably. But we did make it to the hotel at a reasonable hour. The 580 miles we drove today was good progress on our way to Chicago. Tomorrow we plan to make it to Billings, Montana via Yellowstone.


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